Codeweavers Privacy Notice Summary

Codeweavers Ltd (“we”, “us” or “our”), provides software services and websites for the automotive industry as a data processor.

We understand that privacy and security of your information is important. Our Privacy Notice explains what information we collect from you when making Finance Enquiries or Applications. It also explains the purpose and legal basis that we have for processing your personal data, along with information about what we do with it and who we share it with.

Why do we need the information gathered on this form?

All information entered is securely provided to the retailer to contact you to discuss your purchase and finance, which we store on their behalf. The retailer may need to contact you for more information before your information can be passed on to a lender as part of a formal application. A failure to provide accurate and relevant data will mean that you are unable to benefit from some or all of the services. Please note that the other parties detailed in the full Privacy Notice are data controllers and will have their own applicable policies for their handling of your data. Please refer to them directly and/or their websites for more information.

Please click this link to the full Privacy Notice for more detail about why and how the information on this form is processed

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